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19 February 2007 @ 03:05 pm

Name: your user name basicly~
What you go by: Aka a nickname like I'm usually know as sora
How much free time do you have: Honestly tell us how much time you'll devote to playing everyday? Every week? On weekends?
Age: Seriously If your like 9 no way you can play since cursing and gore could show up, if you don't wanna really say just go "In my late teens or I can't I'm not allowed" I'll understand that.
Gender: so we don't call you a lady when your a dude~
Instant messager/way of contacting you: You can list both e-mail and instant messager here


Character name: I think you know what this is for right?
Sexuality: Aka what they dig guys or chicks, You can bend it a bit and maybe lean a character to BI
Appearnce: How they look, be discreptive no short one word bio's ethier, just a paragraph an a half works
Personality: This has to be about at least two or just one paragraphs long, not just words, we won't let you on after a certain point if you do that.

Role play

Experince:How long have you been playing?
Journals: What are your character journals and which communitys do you play on?
Example journal: How you would write for a character's journal. Also a paragraph long too!
Example post/3rd person Basicly what its title says write in thrid person. Do at least a paragraph long please.

If you do get accpeted reply with your character journal and use fast friends to friend all the characters without having to do it sepreatly: http://community.livejournal.com/bsu_ooc/2330.html
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katt30: Leonardo-San  - Shadowkatt30 on February 20th, 2007 06:20 am (UTC)
Name: Crystal
What you go by: Katt
How much free time do you have: A bunch
Age: 29
Gender: Definantly female
Instant messager/way of contacting you: AIM: katt30x, EMAIL: raphael.tmnt@gmail.com


Character name: Leonardo-San
Age: 26
Fandom: He's based off the 2003 TMNT series
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Uuuuh....guess I'll go with Bi for now, he's never really told me, lol.
Appearnce: 5'4" inches tall, he's basic green in color with a dark yellow plasteron, and a darker green carapace, his shoulders as well as plasteron and shell have broadened with age. On his shell is the remains the shell wound that once existed there, which is now just a thin jagged line of a scar that's just a slight tint lighter then the rest of the shell.
Around his head he wears a navy blue mask, that in some light can look black, that hides a pair of dark brown eyes when worn. He wears a brown belt around what would be his waist, as well as brown knee and elbow pads. He has a shoulder strap that goes over his right should, and on his back he has strapped there a pair of twin katana, in brown sheathes, the hilts of the blades matching the rest of his look.
He's got the normal wear and tear scars from his years of training and fighting. His voice sits somewhere between pre AO season 4 Leo and post AO season 4 Leo. Ut's deeper, but not so growly.
Personality: Time has changed him, as well as living through a war, no longer the naive teenager of his youth. He's no longer the perfect son, and no longer strives for perfection, having given up on that a long time ago. He's quieter also, and can sometimes seem anti-social.
Infact if you crack his shell(figuratively speaking of course), some of the old Leo can come through, and he can be as fun and as enjoyable as the rest of his brothers. Like his brothers he's also very wary of humans, specially of ones he doesn't know, and as a result is hard to gain the friendship and trust of.
His blades are not clean, though he won't admit it. He has, and can kill if it comes to 'kill or be killed' situations if there's absolutely no other way to go. He does however draw the line at innocents, especially children.

Role play

Experince: Alot longer then you. :P *coughs* 6 years.
Journals: hotheadedrebel on dramadramaduck, masksofred on toujourshotel, and shelledrebel on vortexxworld
Example journal: Day 34, things are quiet in the city at the moment, not alot of activity going on, which makes me suspsicious and wary that someone is planning something. My brothers are wary as well. We'll be watching closely.
Example post/3rd person: Through the darkness he peered as he listened to the sounds on the wind, his bandana tails blowing in a breeze. His dark brown eyes narrowed as he took in the sights before him.
He grumped as he straightened up from his crouch.
"Hey Leo!" He turned at a shout. "Come on, we're gonna race home!" Raph yelled to him, and he smiled before taking off across the rooftops with his brothers.
sonicsora: bemused/could be annoyed/tongue thingsonicsora on February 20th, 2007 06:27 am (UTC)
Longest app ever~

And you are of course accepted goof, just don't make me come over there *shaky fist grinning playfully*

sonicsora: Cookies *flail*sonicsora on February 20th, 2007 06:58 am (UTC)
Name: sonicsora
What you go by: sora will do
How much free time do you have: Tons, I after all rebooted the com.
Age: Late teens
Gender: I have teh boobies so I think I'd be a girl XD
Instant messanger/way of contacting you: smoon@mac-medic.net

Character name: Leonardo Hamato (Leonara if asked by distant friends)
Age: 19
Fandom: AU universe based around the 2003 cartoon ;p Yeah I'm lame
Gender: Female - much to her displeasure!
Sexuality: Hetero
Appearnce: She's a apple green and wears a blue mask with pouches sewed in for diffrent object, has chocolate brown eyes, yellow plastron, has a few small scars on her body. Has a basic sword straps going over both sides of her plastron. She has a brown belt with more pouches sewn on it, hiding various items. She also is very lithe and curvy sides, showing Leo's true gender and fustrating her, she's the shortest turtle in the family.
Personality: Leo is a tomboy by any means, she never wants to be babied since she is a girl, having grown up in a all male family she is very much a tomboy as stated above, leo can't stand being talked down to or treated like a girl so she will resort to acting male when she first meets someone. Amazingly she is the strongest one in her family and is able to beat her brothers in combat from her drive to not be treated like a female. She also amazingly has a flirty side and can charm her way into someone's heart if she wanted to.

Experince: three or two years, I've lost track.
Journals: Urg I'll kill myself for putting that on the apps. strong_blue_one on dramadramaduck masked_one_1 On tojours, blue_warrior12 on vortext world also keeperof_heart1 on vortext world.
Example Journal: .... Did I mention I hate being a girl? Seriously it sucks! Everyone is always trying to make me change my name to Leonara or something girly! I don't want to be a girl anymore its a pain in the ass speically with my heats! I can't get a moments peace! That's it I'm gonna be a lesiban if this keeps up. April better watch out...
Example post/3rd person: She fell on guard watching her surroundings for the moment before relaxing seeing she was alone, the female turtle moved through the shadows of her home, heading for the kitchen, going to be naughty and kidnap some chocolate. Even if it was a waste of her ninja skills she was hungry dammit, and suddenly have a craving for chocolate...
katt30: Raph - Leo's Fatherkatt30 on February 20th, 2007 07:28 am (UTC)
Approved of course dear! :P
Leonardo Hamato -female version: Happy/hungry/pleased/warrior_turtlef on February 20th, 2007 07:57 am (UTC)
nat_dreamer_key on February 23rd, 2007 04:33 am (UTC)
charcter: Larxene
series: Kingdom Hearts
gender: girl
seuality: guys, of course! XP
appearence: slender, pale skinned, blue eyes, short blonde hair with antennae shaped bangs, usually wears a long black cloak
personality: sadistic, bitchy, chaos loving, sinersterly sweet at times

experience: for several years
charcater journal: larxene:lightnngirl12 Elena: Turk_girl Rufus: Mr_Prezdent, Im on the Vortexx_world roleplay
1st person: Grr.... I dont get what Mansex is going on about. I do NOT need a journal!!! Hrmph, oh well. I suppose it does have its uses. Perhaps for plotting.... >:-3

3rd person: Larxene sighed with contentment, the cries of Demyx as she was torturing him still in her eyes, and sat down in her usual couch and took out her favorite book and started to read. No sign of the 'males' yet. Good....
Just then, the noise started outside. She growled and lifted her head, her eye twitching and her bangs buzzing with electricity " only 9 in the morning, and hes already started...damn you Axel!" she took out her knives and went outside to take care of him
sonicsora: Respect my authorita!/mod modesonicsora on February 23rd, 2007 04:39 am (UTC)
Before I decide can you expand a bit on her personality? maybe check over katt's or mines and see what you can come up with?

Also its called hetro when its girls and guys or you could say straight.
Larxenelightnnggirl12 on February 23rd, 2007 04:52 am (UTC)
oh ok....

um..... she does have a more soft spot for axel, as in truth she likes him. She can in a more peaceful move when shes reading in the library, or taking a lot hot bath. But, she is angered very easily. As a sadiest, she does enjoy torturing others, especially younger and weaker people. And, she can tend to be slightly vain, and takes care of her looks. On undercover missions, she can put on a fake sweet personality, even charm a man if needed.
sonicsora: bemused/could be annoyed/tongue thingsonicsora on February 23rd, 2007 05:10 am (UTC)
Sorry only infroming you babe!

And you are accepted, please make a journal for your character and reply to this and join the community.
junior_alexias on February 23rd, 2007 06:20 pm (UTC)
Name: Junior
What you go by: Junior or Juni or many other variations of
How much free time do you have: Just about every day since I can access the site while I’m at work and at home.
Age: 24
Gender: female
Instant messenger/way of contacting you: AIM: nighthunt411, email: junior.thanimator@gmail.com

Character name: Tobi Ridley
Age: 20-ish
Fandom: TMNT
Gender: female
Sexuality: So far she likes guys better, but maybe she just hasn’t met the right girl
Appearance: Tobi ISN’T a mutant turtle, she comes from a world where anthropomorphic reptiles are the norm, however there is very little cosmetic difference. She stands about five feet tall and with an average build. Her skin is dull, army green with brown speckles on her head and shoulders. Her shell is heart-shaped and almond colored with black flecks, and her pale greenish-yellow plastron is flat (turtles are reptiles – they don’t have breasts! *glares at Venus*). She wears glasses and a green handkerchief over her head, and a pair of baggy jeans tailored to fit over the bottom of her shell.
Personality: She’s a sweet girl with a childlike nature. She’d rather avoid arguments or confrontations, and always has something nice to say about everyone. She’s dedicated to helping others and making life easy and happy for everyone. Despite her innocent act, she’s actually quite intelligent and mature. She follows those she trusts without question and is loyal to death, but she can hold her own just fine. She doesn’t need or want anyone to take care of her, but she likes feeling wanted and appreciated almost as much as she likes making others feel appreciated.

Role play
Experience: Started role playing online ten or more years ago, since then I’ve role played pretty regularly online, through MMOs and with desktop paper-n-dice style games.
Journals: I don’t have a character journal yet, but I will make one, and I’m not currently a part of any active role playing communities.
Example journal: “I miss my friends and family. It’s funny, you’d think that after five years in the military I’d be used to being so far away from everyone I love, but then again I guess no one ever really gets used to being lonely. I hope they’re not too worried about me. I’d hate to think I’m causing my mother more stress then she already has dealing with my teenage brother. (That little dude’s such a handful.) Maybe it won’t be so bad after I make some friends around here. I certainly hope at least SOMEONE here likes me…”
Example post/3rd person: Her bare feet made soft sounds that echoed down the long hallway, but to hear the noise was like the rumble of thunder. She’d never get used to the oppressive, empty silence that filled the place. She begins singing quietly to herself just to fill the void, and she’s soon feeling much more positive. “Driving that train, high on cocaine, Casey Jones is ready, watch your speed,” she trills unabashedly, “Trouble ahead, trouble behind, And you know that notion just crossed my mind…”
katt30: Leo/Splinter - Father & Sonkatt30 on February 23rd, 2007 06:34 pm (UTC)
Wow, another long app, lol, accepted! Please make a journal for your character, and reply here. Then join here and the RP community. :)
tobi_ridley on February 23rd, 2007 09:33 pm (UTC)
Yeah, sorry about that. I guess I can get kinda long winded sometimes. ^_^;;

Character journal officially up! Whee!
Ame Musashiame_musashi on February 23rd, 2007 06:49 pm (UTC)
Not sure if this is how it's done, if not let me know X3;;

Name: Ame Musashi
What you go by: Ame, Mumu(though this one's too kiddy even for me xD;; )
How much free time do you have: A lot, why else do you think I wanna join? I have too much free time with nothing to do with it!
Age: As of Feb 23rd, I'm 25~ X3
Gender: Female, single, NOT looking.
Instant Uhh... I'd rather not, sorry. If you need to contact me, PM me through my FF.net account, please. :x


Character name: Hamato Michelangelo.
Age: 18 years old. (the 2003 Toon, btw)
Fandom: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
Gender: Male, baby~ *wink*
Sexuality: I'm as straight as an arrow, dude. OxO;;
Appearance: A jade/ocean green, blue tinted skinned turtle guy, shell, carapace, plastron and all that jive~ Orange mask, dark brown belt and joint pads... um, pretty naked actually... or as naked as a turtle can be~ ;P
Personality: A happy-go-lucky, optimistic and puppy-like guy. Ya gotta love me! I'm cute!

Role play

Experience: About a year maybe, but I learn fast~ X3
Journals: Um, I don't RP on LJ, actually. I'm on other sites, though; do they count?
Example journal: Um, keep it in character according to the events happening to said character, while sticking to the canon of the show? No, wait… was that a trick question?
Example post/3rd person Basically what its title says write in third person. Do at least a paragraph long please.

Like this: "He didn't really like how things were happening. One moment he was just minding his own business, when all of a sudden this loud bang erupted out of nowhere, knocking him flat on his shell. Where it had come from and what had caused it, were questions forgotten as he dashed out of his room, alarmed to the cause of it."

sonicsora: Father and son - serious/solumsonicsora on February 24th, 2007 12:21 am (UTC)
Before we completly decied milady can you redo your example journal?

Its like your normal one only in character through mikey like:

Honestly if I have to fix the TV one more time, I'll scream. I wish raph would stop breaking it! If it keeps up I'll have to go looking for another one in the junkyard! Maybe I'll drag him with me as his just dessurts.

... Nah, he'll end up driving me crazy over there too.

That was a donny journal and Can you show me your version of mikey?
nexus_champion on February 24th, 2007 05:58 am (UTC)
Ooooh! Sorry, I guess I didn't get what you meant the first time~ XD;;

Okay, 1st person view journal entry, like this?

"I swear, every time I outwit them, they call me a pest, and every time I nearly hget killed, they say I'm sloppy. I'm not perfect, I'm not superman; and as much as I wish I was, I already know I'm sure as shell am not!

I got speed, I got power, and I know how to deal with that sort of trouble, so why do they have to be so nitpicky about my fighting skills? I mean, I dont ever hear them complaining about my cooking skills! The least they could do is show a little praise! Yeesh..."
sonicsora: bemused/could be annoyed/tongue thingsonicsora on February 24th, 2007 06:05 am (UTC)

Spot on babe! And of course your accepted but next time no "-" for normal journals. (Yes I know I'm naggy ;P)

Use fast friends and join both communites please and you can start a journal entry or thread (even join the one both leo's are in) and start up the com!
Hailey Burden: boys' underwearskepticalwriter on February 25th, 2007 01:43 am (UTC)
Name: skepticalwriter
What you go by: Hailey, though, to be truthful, I answer to just about anything. You could probably get away with calling me “Hey you, dude!”
How much free time do you have: I’m usually on every day, unless my health interferes, which it can often enough, but I can get a forewarning before I disappear.
Age: 17
Gender: Je suis une fille. That means I am a girl!
Instant messenger/way of contacting you: AIM-eveningread, there’s an actual email there too.


Character name: Katherine “Kitty” Anne Pryde
Age: 19
Fandom: Xmen
Gender: Well, she’s a girlie!
Sexuality: Kitty is heterosexual, sorry girlies!
Appearnce: The first thing one notices about Kitty is always her height, to her chagrin, she reaches a diminutive height of five feet tall, though she happens to try to give herself an extra inch at times. Kitty has a rather small figure, almost seeming to be far too childlike for her own good. Kitty isn’t all too bad though, many find her to be a cute little thing, which she protests, really far too much. Doe, chocolate, brown eyes that show far too much emotion most of the time always shine strongly; pale features with pink lips and soft skin; rather lengthy, soft (what she deems mousy) brown hair; and she looks far too fragile for her own good. Though, looks are usually far more deceiving than anything else, right? Kitty’s a mutant, born and bread, her genetic mutation giving her the mutated ability to phase, but then again, you have to catch her to see that.
Personality: Kitty’s always rather polite, it’s easy to see upon first meeting that she’s both polite and rather friendly, but rather than this only being a tactic to get people to like her in the first place, it always continues on. Kitty is friendly, completely so, she likes being around people, and has the stubbornness and will to help others with her best efforts. She doesn’t look at people to look at them, she looks at them to see their personalities, and what’s on the inside. Though, it’s easy to complain that her bright, chipper attitude is annoying, Kitty usually can win people over, and maybe it’s just the air of innocence and naivete, but either way, Kitty always seems to be able to make friends, despite her fears, and mutation. She’s the kind of girl who tries to take care of everything, and take everything she can onto her shoulders. Kitty’s open, and even if she’s pretty much a genius, it’s her spirit and whatnot that shine through.

Role play

Experince:Two or three years, a nice little bit on livejournal now…
Journals: tangible_shadow (Kitty , caustic_snark (John-Pyro), ancient_raider (Lara Croft) Toujours Hotel and shadowed_genius Fantasy Cruise
Example journal: I get tired after so long, of being the braniac. IT’s hard to deal with it at times, but I suppose that’s what I have to deal with, I chose everything that I got. When you can solve calculus equations when you’re only ten or so, I guess that’s what you get… Sometimes I really miss home, mom and dad, but then I remember why I’m away from them. I guess it’s a consolation prize. I get to save the world, keep them safe, and in return they paid for me, not really anymore, though. That’s to be expected. I don’t really mind using my mutation for good, but I suppose that’s why I stayed at the school. I should probably get back to putting that computer together, it has been put off long enough…
Hailey Burdenskepticalwriter on February 25th, 2007 01:44 am (UTC)
Wouldn't all fit in one....
Example post/3rd person: It was quiet, Kitty could practically feel her ears crashing beneath the Earth shattering silence. It was almost too quiet for the young woman to believe, so different from when all of the students were around, then again it hadn’t been long ago that she was still only a student. She was done with high school, and college was just not a challenge for her. Kitty breezed through everything she did with such ease that sometimes it didn’t seem worth it to try, but then again, Kitty didn’t give up. Either way, she still had a goal in mind. She wanted to help other mutants, wanted to give them the help that she had gotten. She was going to become a teacher at Xavier’s those were her plans, she knew they’d come through. She knew she’d always have a place at Xavier’s. That didn’t mean that even she didn’t feel the weight of things at times. Keeping the world safe, even if most people thought mutants were horrible, that was what the Xmen did. Kitty savored the silence, taking in a breath from her seat at the computer tower she’d been building. It was in quiet times like this that she began to think, enjoying her special hideaway while she could.

She couldn’t work on her newest project all night, though. Kitty didn’t want to sit still that long, so she arched her back in a stretch before she stood up, giving a small sigh as she felt her molecules automatically converting into intangibility, and she moved upward, going through the ceiling, moving along with other molecules before her solid feet met solid ground. It took a moment for her eyes to adjust to the darkness in the hallway as her body directed her out of instinct to the kitchen, where she took out a water bottle and took a nice chug out of it, listening to the silence around her. It was almost eerie how things could be so quiet in a school at night. The young woman leaned back against the island quietly for a moment, her brown orbs focused upon the landscape outside of the window. She wasn’t really all that alert, seeing as she hadn’t really slept yet, but even the weary mutant heard the sound of the television blare through the silence. It shocked Kitty and her heart sped up with adrenaline pumping as she sighed and began to attempt to settle down, heading towards the rec. room, and seeing Artie sitting there, flipping through the channels.

“Couldn’t sleep?”

Kitty asked curiously, smiling slightly at the younger boy and leaning on the couch, as he looked back to her.


“Well, turn the volume down a bit and don’t stay up too late, ‘kay?”

Artie stuck his split tongue out at the older girl and she smiled, ruffling his hair with a small roll of her eyes.

“Sure thing, Kitty.”

She gave him a small wave before she made her way out of the room and then heading up the stairs, her lithe body actually feeling the tire from not sleeping for several days. Her footsteps were light, and made no sound upon the hard wood floor as she made her way down the hall until reaching her door, which she entered quickly, shutting it behind her, with a silent click and then placing her water upon her desk before stretching. Her bed was calling her, so instead of changing out of her clothes, she allowed herself to fall upon the bed, curling into a small ball, closing her doe eyes, and taking in a few deep breaths, waiting on sleep to overtake her.
sonicsora: Happy sensei! :D - pleased!sonicsora on February 25th, 2007 01:54 am (UTC)
Re: Wouldn't all fit in one....
Okay seriously this is the longest app ever. It gets cupcake points.

And approved. Basicly make a character journal and use fast friends and your in :D

*gives welcome hug*
intangible_kit on February 25th, 2007 02:15 am (UTC)
Cupcake points...not bad.

Here it be!

*huggles and skitters off*